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Years back, when I was enthralled by the game, I found myself intrigued by Daxter's given name. During school I would go to the library and look through dictionaries, encyclopedias, name books, anything that had to do with titles/nouns/terms/names.

Unfortunately, nothing showed up with the word/name Daxter...

Instead, Dax would appear. Mind you, even this word was hard to find, not very common.

Even more intriguing was what I read. I can't remember word for word, but it had something to do with either an action/item or something like that. I can mostly remember about water.

That was all it took. At the very least, in that book, the word was considered very Old World.

It was funny, as it mentioned something that seemed very mundane, but it was the word water that got to me. 

Daxter never faired well with water. 

That small thought out of the way, I began searching through other books, web searching, etc.

At some point, the word Dax came up again. This time referring to it as a "macho" name...

Of course I laughed. It would fit the little guy's ego perfectly!

But I still wasn't satisfied. These terms were rather small, example in nature.

Years passed, I completed high school, and still have trouble with information gathering.

Until today.

My grandma bought me two book cases. I surprised myself when looking for all my books to gather and categorize. I have so many!!!

Was just finishing up when I happened upon one called The Adventurers. I opened a couple of random pages, and see the word Dax. I wasn't too surprised, rather a bit nostalgic.

I go to the first couple of pages and stop. 

At the beginning of chapter 3 I read a paragraph that started my old interest again.

It was nearing the end of this chapter that my head shook, albeit with a smile.

' "Let him have a name that will embody our hopes for the future and have meaning for all who hear it."
This appealed to the romantic and the scholar in my father and to the dynamic impulses of my grandfather. Thus it was that my father chose these names:
Diogenes Alejandro Xenos.
Diogenes after the fabled seeker of truth; Alejandro after the conqueror of the world. The explanation was simple, my father proclaimed as he held me for the priest's baptismal drops.
"With the truth, he shall conquer the world." '

I'm sure many of you already saw the pieces, but for those who don't, the first letter in each name spells out Dax. 

I really couldn't help but think that MAYBE NaughtyDOG had taken some reference/inspiration from this book.

Thinking more on the words truth and conquer, it stands to reason, understandably, that they would give the Precursors such a theme.

But this is just an old fancy of mine.
Something light hearted to think on.

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